My name is Francine and I’m a fashion-obsessed beauty-loving fashionista; mommy to a beautiful and intelligent daughter and a devout advocate for empowering women.

I was born in Kingston Jamaica and migrated to Toronto Canada at the tender age of 10.

As a child, I wasn’t always into dressing up and wearing fancy clothing, but I do remember my fascination with Barbie and the line of eclectic  “Fun Fashion Doll Clothes” they had available.  I stopped at nothing to ensure that my and my sister’s barbies were always styling and profiling and wearing the latest Barbie fashion trend. What can I say? I guess it was destiny.

As I matured, I started paying more attention to different styles and fashion trends and quickly established an interest in fashion. I fell in love with it so much, that I decided that to pursue my education in fashion to further understand and perfect my craft. In 2007 I enrolled in the Fashion Management program at George Brown College, Toronto Canada.

After graduating, I learned that the fashion industry was very competitive and unfortunately there weren’t many job opportunities available for new graduates. I was a little disheartened at that point, so I decided that I would work for a time just to accumulate some capital. However, fashion was never too far from my mind.

They say “if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.” 

I believe in doing what you love and what you’re passionate about. That inspired me to create The Style Associate, here you can find modest fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. My desire is to inspire any and every one possible as long as the opportunity presents itself.